Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fresh Start

Santista Nation,

It's good to be back here and talk to you about one of our greatest passion. I want to apologyze for the time I took away from the blog. I just finished my last semester in school and that kept me pretty busy. Also, as we all know, our team was not doing so great and that also made me pissed and lose the motivation to write. But the season is over and I am glad that it is. It was hard to see our team in the bottom of the ranking week after week.

At least we go an spot in the next Sulamericana Cup. Sure it is no Libertadores but at least it is an international tournament and a team like ours can't be spending a whole year, as it just did, without playing outside Brazil. And maybe, one day, this cup will be worth a lot.

But what is past we will keep in the past and now the Santos' future look much better. We have a new president: Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro. He is the main face to our hopes. He will bring fresh bood and attitude to our team. It is hard not to get excited with his project since he promisses a open and clear administration and a great source of money that comes from successful business men around the world. If all goes well the money will bring us the players we need. Another of his goals is to make Santos FC "bigger". Marketing will be a important tool for it.

In my next posts, I will analyze the changes as they are implemented and talk about the new coach and players.


  1. That´s right man. Santos should take a look at FC Barcelona´s administration. I mean the new members of the staff, should take some 'soccer administration classes' with them.

    Santos FC is one of the most popular teams in the world and should be a Phoenix bird that cries from the dust. These guys should put Santos on the top and need real managers to do that.

    I´m tired of amateurism speacilly when it is about my team: SAntos!!

  2. Flavio, I'm with you on that. It would be good to learn from who is doing well and follow the same steps.