Thursday, January 7, 2010

Santos TV on YouTube

Santista Nation,

now it is much easer to watch and keep up with what's going on with the greatest team in the world. The Santos FC media departament just launched the Santos FC oficial TV chanel on youtube.

The adress is

There you can watch interviews, practice sections and game highlights. It is also a good tool for video sharing on your blog, Twitter, web page, Facebook, MySpace or Orkut profile.

Congrats to the new administration for supporting this idea!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fresh Start

Santista Nation,

It's good to be back here and talk to you about one of our greatest passion. I want to apologyze for the time I took away from the blog. I just finished my last semester in school and that kept me pretty busy. Also, as we all know, our team was not doing so great and that also made me pissed and lose the motivation to write. But the season is over and I am glad that it is. It was hard to see our team in the bottom of the ranking week after week.

At least we go an spot in the next Sulamericana Cup. Sure it is no Libertadores but at least it is an international tournament and a team like ours can't be spending a whole year, as it just did, without playing outside Brazil. And maybe, one day, this cup will be worth a lot.

But what is past we will keep in the past and now the Santos' future look much better. We have a new president: Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro. He is the main face to our hopes. He will bring fresh bood and attitude to our team. It is hard not to get excited with his project since he promisses a open and clear administration and a great source of money that comes from successful business men around the world. If all goes well the money will bring us the players we need. Another of his goals is to make Santos FC "bigger". Marketing will be a important tool for it.

In my next posts, I will analyze the changes as they are implemented and talk about the new coach and players.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

4x0! Take that Coritiba!

What a win. A great performance to get us out of relegation trouble.  Neymar... what can I say
that second goal was pure class.

The win also solidified our push for football on the continent next season. A win against Avai and we are in. 

That's all I have to say for now. Let's end the season on a positive note.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Return from the dead

Hey guys, I'm back from the dead. Due to commitments with school I haven't had time to update. However, I'll be hard at work with a new format to the posts. That includes translating and posting articles from Globoesporte, Futebol Uol Esporte, and of course the club's official website. I think this would be the best way to keep others up to date on the workings of the club.

We have been lukewarm since the last time I posted and the Copa Libertadores is beyond us. Now all that is needed is for us to return to the Copa Sudamericana spots. Today we face SPFC at home in a derby with title ramifications. Let go out there and throw a spanner in O Tricolor's title hopes.

On another note the Santos Women's team has won the Female Copa Libertadores. They steamrolled their way to the title, scoring 47 goals in the process. In the final they beat Universidad Autonoma 9-0 to claim the crown. Congrats to the ladies!

In international duty Ganso and Brazil lost the U20 World Cup final on penalties to Ghana. Heartbreaking stuff. Yesterday Neymar scored a goal reminiscent of Pele's famous fake in the U17 World Cup. Brazil won 3x2 against Japan. The kid is going strong.

See you after the game today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

O Galo x O Peixe

Today at the Mineirão we face Atlético-MG in the 26th round of the Brasileiro. We are in 12th place on 36 points while O Galo are in 5th place on 41 points. Both teams are coming off draws in their last matches. 

So here's the squad for today's game.

Goleiros: Felipe, Sérgio

Zagueiros: Adailton, André Astorga, Eli Sabiá, Fabão

Laterais: George Lucas, Léo, Pará

Volantes: Emerson, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto, Germano

Meias: Madson, Robson

Atacantes: André, Felipe Azevedo, Gil, Neymar, Kléber Pereira

Jean was supposed to make his debut but a thigh strain keeps him out of the match.  Ganso is away on international duty with the U20 team. Gil makes the squad after he and Edu Dracena signed officialy for the club on Friday. Unfortunately Edu is currently injured. We could really use him. 

Luxa will most likely set out the team in a 4-3-2-1. The team should be:

Felipe, George Lucas, Fabão, Eli Sabiá e Léo; Emerson, Rodrigo Souto e Germano; Róbson, Madson e Kleber Pereira

Again three volantes will be deployed. Luxa seems to be looking for a draw. After a lukewarm performance against Botafogo, let's hope that the team shows some more effort today. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santos 0x0 Botafogo

This was one of the most boring games I've seen us play this year. No ideas, no creativity and what the hell was up with that 3-5-2. Luxa was definitely trying to compensate for Ganso's absence.  However, exposing a medicore defense isn't the best strategy. 

Credit to Botafogo who didn't look shy to attack. Felipe came up big numerous times. He may just be our permanent number 1.

I liked the look of André  in the second half. He wasn’t afraid to take on defenders. He tried too much sometimes but you have to wonder the deadly combination he and George Lucas could form. 

Overall a lukewarm performance. If we play like this next week O Galo will take us to the cleaners. Get it together Luxa!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

News Round Up

A quick roundup of the news in bullet form. I'll be doing this a bit, school is killing me at the moment.

1. We beat Santo Andre 1x0 with the goal from Germano in fairly drab game. It seems that against weaker teams the guys take it easy. Missing Ganso is a going to be a huge problem. I'm still wondering how he got called up but Dentinho is still with Corinthians. Conspiracy?

2. We've officially signed Edu Dracena after he was released by Fenerbache. He'll be a welcome addition to the center of our shaky defense.   

3. Today the club also announced the signing of 18 year old striker Gil from Vila Nova in Serie B.  I looked him up and apparently he is a second striker who mainly uses the wings. What i want to know is if he will join the 1st team squad or he will play with the base. 

4. This is a bit late but Domingos has been banished from the club - i.e. sent out on loan to Fortaleza - for inadvertently breaking Raphael's foot in training. He seemed really distraught about the whole thing but Luxa was adamant. Now Fortaleza are saying no contract has been signed. I hope he returns. I like the way he plays. Also best wishes to Raphael. I hope he recovers without incident.

5. I really like how Luxa is building the squad. Little by little the overall quality is improving. Not all of it is signing players either. Felipe has repaid Luxa's faith in him by playing brilliantly. George Lucas has made the right back spot his own, and surely Edu will come to own one of those centerback spots. Also, Emerson has been showing his maturity in the middle of the pitch. Jean has been the only non-entity so far.

6. Botafogo next on Sunday, a preview will be up on Saturday. Quite a few players missing but this is a winnable game.