Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santos 0x0 Botafogo

This was one of the most boring games I've seen us play this year. No ideas, no creativity and what the hell was up with that 3-5-2. Luxa was definitely trying to compensate for Ganso's absence.  However, exposing a medicore defense isn't the best strategy. 

Credit to Botafogo who didn't look shy to attack. Felipe came up big numerous times. He may just be our permanent number 1.

I liked the look of André  in the second half. He wasn’t afraid to take on defenders. He tried too much sometimes but you have to wonder the deadly combination he and George Lucas could form. 

Overall a lukewarm performance. If we play like this next week O Galo will take us to the cleaners. Get it together Luxa!


  1. hhahaha man, that was one of the worst games of the championship. Easy!