Thursday, September 17, 2009

News Round Up

A quick roundup of the news in bullet form. I'll be doing this a bit, school is killing me at the moment.

1. We beat Santo Andre 1x0 with the goal from Germano in fairly drab game. It seems that against weaker teams the guys take it easy. Missing Ganso is a going to be a huge problem. I'm still wondering how he got called up but Dentinho is still with Corinthians. Conspiracy?

2. We've officially signed Edu Dracena after he was released by Fenerbache. He'll be a welcome addition to the center of our shaky defense.   

3. Today the club also announced the signing of 18 year old striker Gil from Vila Nova in Serie B.  I looked him up and apparently he is a second striker who mainly uses the wings. What i want to know is if he will join the 1st team squad or he will play with the base. 

4. This is a bit late but Domingos has been banished from the club - i.e. sent out on loan to Fortaleza - for inadvertently breaking Raphael's foot in training. He seemed really distraught about the whole thing but Luxa was adamant. Now Fortaleza are saying no contract has been signed. I hope he returns. I like the way he plays. Also best wishes to Raphael. I hope he recovers without incident.

5. I really like how Luxa is building the squad. Little by little the overall quality is improving. Not all of it is signing players either. Felipe has repaid Luxa's faith in him by playing brilliantly. George Lucas has made the right back spot his own, and surely Edu will come to own one of those centerback spots. Also, Emerson has been showing his maturity in the middle of the pitch. Jean has been the only non-entity so far.

6. Botafogo next on Sunday, a preview will be up on Saturday. Quite a few players missing but this is a winnable game. 

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