Saturday, September 12, 2009

Santos x Santo Andre

Tomorrow we face Santo Andre at home. This is a must win game after the loss against Corinthians. That was a game we should have won, we snatched defeat from the jaws of defeat with some comical defending.  

Here's the squad for the game:

Alan Patrick (meia)
André (atacante)
André Astorga (zagueiro)
Douglas (goleiro)
Eli Sabiá (zagueiro)
Emerson (volante)
Fabão (zagueiro)
Felipe (goleiro)
Felipe Azevedo (atacante)
George Lucas (lateral)
Germano (volante)
Kléber Pereira (atacante)
Léo (lateral)
Luizinho (lateral)
Madson (meia)
Neymar (atacante)
Pará (lateral)
Rodrigo Mancha (volante)
Rodrigo Souto (volante)
Triguinho (lateral)

The squad is looking a bit depleted.  Ganso and Robson are out through yellow card accumulation. Ganso would be missing anyway since he has been called up for the Brazilian U20 side so he'll be missing for the next couple of weeks. Alan Patrick and Andre have been called up from the base to fill the squad. Maikon Leite is still injured but Fabio Costa is doing light training. 

Here's  hoping for a win and three points at home.

Other news

Tiago Luis was sent out on loan to Portugal
Rumours are linking Edu Dracena, formerly of Fenerbache with us.


  1. If we don't win this game we'll be so screwed that I don't even wanna think about it!

  2. He didnt play i think...
    I hope he will play on Sunday against Sao paolo...? I would like to see him scoring again... What a player...

  3. Yeah, he didn't play last night. But he already played for Santos this year, the two first games of the championship. Sunday against Sao Paulo he might enter by the end but I doubt it. Let's see, he will probably play very little on the whole. We just wanted to say goodbye to the man.

    I'm originally from Santos but I have been living in the United States for the past three years.

  4. I am from Greece were he played for 6 years to Olympiakos. You can not imagine what he did in our team... Rivaldo came to Greece too but like Gio no one..He is a great player and a great man..I will see the game with Sao Paolo and hope he will play..

    Also Neymar seems to be fantstic..

  5. My friend.... as you saw he is not here only for "goodbye", but he is still capable to lead the team to win the Paoulista. Robinho-Neymar-Giovanni ... Please search for second place... the first place is for Santos FC..

  6. Yeah man, the Messiah is back. It was beautiful. I wrote a few words about it in another blog:

    Check that out and leave your impressions about the good old days of the MEssiah in Greece.

  7. Oh man, what great moments ... He is fantastic. I will be back with more details about the achievements of the "magician" in Greece.. That's how we call him here "The Magician"--> "Ο μαγος"

  8. My friends where is Giovanni? I see that he is not in the 20 players for a long time...