Monday, December 14, 2009

A Fresh Start

Santista Nation,

It's good to be back here and talk to you about one of our greatest passion. I want to apologyze for the time I took away from the blog. I just finished my last semester in school and that kept me pretty busy. Also, as we all know, our team was not doing so great and that also made me pissed and lose the motivation to write. But the season is over and I am glad that it is. It was hard to see our team in the bottom of the ranking week after week.

At least we go an spot in the next Sulamericana Cup. Sure it is no Libertadores but at least it is an international tournament and a team like ours can't be spending a whole year, as it just did, without playing outside Brazil. And maybe, one day, this cup will be worth a lot.

But what is past we will keep in the past and now the Santos' future look much better. We have a new president: Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro. He is the main face to our hopes. He will bring fresh bood and attitude to our team. It is hard not to get excited with his project since he promisses a open and clear administration and a great source of money that comes from successful business men around the world. If all goes well the money will bring us the players we need. Another of his goals is to make Santos FC "bigger". Marketing will be a important tool for it.

In my next posts, I will analyze the changes as they are implemented and talk about the new coach and players.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

4x0! Take that Coritiba!

What a win. A great performance to get us out of relegation trouble.  Neymar... what can I say
that second goal was pure class.

The win also solidified our push for football on the continent next season. A win against Avai and we are in. 

That's all I have to say for now. Let's end the season on a positive note.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Return from the dead

Hey guys, I'm back from the dead. Due to commitments with school I haven't had time to update. However, I'll be hard at work with a new format to the posts. That includes translating and posting articles from Globoesporte, Futebol Uol Esporte, and of course the club's official website. I think this would be the best way to keep others up to date on the workings of the club.

We have been lukewarm since the last time I posted and the Copa Libertadores is beyond us. Now all that is needed is for us to return to the Copa Sudamericana spots. Today we face SPFC at home in a derby with title ramifications. Let go out there and throw a spanner in O Tricolor's title hopes.

On another note the Santos Women's team has won the Female Copa Libertadores. They steamrolled their way to the title, scoring 47 goals in the process. In the final they beat Universidad Autonoma 9-0 to claim the crown. Congrats to the ladies!

In international duty Ganso and Brazil lost the U20 World Cup final on penalties to Ghana. Heartbreaking stuff. Yesterday Neymar scored a goal reminiscent of Pele's famous fake in the U17 World Cup. Brazil won 3x2 against Japan. The kid is going strong.

See you after the game today.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

O Galo x O Peixe

Today at the Mineirão we face Atlético-MG in the 26th round of the Brasileiro. We are in 12th place on 36 points while O Galo are in 5th place on 41 points. Both teams are coming off draws in their last matches. 

So here's the squad for today's game.

Goleiros: Felipe, Sérgio

Zagueiros: Adailton, André Astorga, Eli Sabiá, Fabão

Laterais: George Lucas, Léo, Pará

Volantes: Emerson, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto, Germano

Meias: Madson, Robson

Atacantes: André, Felipe Azevedo, Gil, Neymar, Kléber Pereira

Jean was supposed to make his debut but a thigh strain keeps him out of the match.  Ganso is away on international duty with the U20 team. Gil makes the squad after he and Edu Dracena signed officialy for the club on Friday. Unfortunately Edu is currently injured. We could really use him. 

Luxa will most likely set out the team in a 4-3-2-1. The team should be:

Felipe, George Lucas, Fabão, Eli Sabiá e Léo; Emerson, Rodrigo Souto e Germano; Róbson, Madson e Kleber Pereira

Again three volantes will be deployed. Luxa seems to be looking for a draw. After a lukewarm performance against Botafogo, let's hope that the team shows some more effort today. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Santos 0x0 Botafogo

This was one of the most boring games I've seen us play this year. No ideas, no creativity and what the hell was up with that 3-5-2. Luxa was definitely trying to compensate for Ganso's absence.  However, exposing a medicore defense isn't the best strategy. 

Credit to Botafogo who didn't look shy to attack. Felipe came up big numerous times. He may just be our permanent number 1.

I liked the look of André  in the second half. He wasn’t afraid to take on defenders. He tried too much sometimes but you have to wonder the deadly combination he and George Lucas could form. 

Overall a lukewarm performance. If we play like this next week O Galo will take us to the cleaners. Get it together Luxa!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

News Round Up

A quick roundup of the news in bullet form. I'll be doing this a bit, school is killing me at the moment.

1. We beat Santo Andre 1x0 with the goal from Germano in fairly drab game. It seems that against weaker teams the guys take it easy. Missing Ganso is a going to be a huge problem. I'm still wondering how he got called up but Dentinho is still with Corinthians. Conspiracy?

2. We've officially signed Edu Dracena after he was released by Fenerbache. He'll be a welcome addition to the center of our shaky defense.   

3. Today the club also announced the signing of 18 year old striker Gil from Vila Nova in Serie B.  I looked him up and apparently he is a second striker who mainly uses the wings. What i want to know is if he will join the 1st team squad or he will play with the base. 

4. This is a bit late but Domingos has been banished from the club - i.e. sent out on loan to Fortaleza - for inadvertently breaking Raphael's foot in training. He seemed really distraught about the whole thing but Luxa was adamant. Now Fortaleza are saying no contract has been signed. I hope he returns. I like the way he plays. Also best wishes to Raphael. I hope he recovers without incident.

5. I really like how Luxa is building the squad. Little by little the overall quality is improving. Not all of it is signing players either. Felipe has repaid Luxa's faith in him by playing brilliantly. George Lucas has made the right back spot his own, and surely Edu will come to own one of those centerback spots. Also, Emerson has been showing his maturity in the middle of the pitch. Jean has been the only non-entity so far.

6. Botafogo next on Sunday, a preview will be up on Saturday. Quite a few players missing but this is a winnable game. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Santos x Santo Andre

Tomorrow we face Santo Andre at home. This is a must win game after the loss against Corinthians. That was a game we should have won, we snatched defeat from the jaws of defeat with some comical defending.  

Here's the squad for the game:

Alan Patrick (meia)
André (atacante)
André Astorga (zagueiro)
Douglas (goleiro)
Eli Sabiá (zagueiro)
Emerson (volante)
Fabão (zagueiro)
Felipe (goleiro)
Felipe Azevedo (atacante)
George Lucas (lateral)
Germano (volante)
Kléber Pereira (atacante)
Léo (lateral)
Luizinho (lateral)
Madson (meia)
Neymar (atacante)
Pará (lateral)
Rodrigo Mancha (volante)
Rodrigo Souto (volante)
Triguinho (lateral)

The squad is looking a bit depleted.  Ganso and Robson are out through yellow card accumulation. Ganso would be missing anyway since he has been called up for the Brazilian U20 side so he'll be missing for the next couple of weeks. Alan Patrick and Andre have been called up from the base to fill the squad. Maikon Leite is still injured but Fabio Costa is doing light training. 

Here's  hoping for a win and three points at home.

Other news

Tiago Luis was sent out on loan to Portugal
Rumours are linking Edu Dracena, formerly of Fenerbache with us.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is Hard, but the Libertadores Dream is Still Alive!

Santista Nation,

the game agaist Fluminense wasn't our best performance. We played a weak team that showed why they are in last place in this championship. But a win is always a win and that's what matters. Our goal of being in the next Libertadores Cup is still alive. We are not far at all from the qualifying zone.

Besides the 3 points that we've got, a couple of other things are importante highlight from game. First, Santos has a lot to improve. The first half was ok but the second half was ridiculous! A great portion of our winning came from the quality of our oponent. We'll need to play much better if we want to win our next games.What made the diference was the individual talentes of players such as Ganso, Madson, George Lucas ( I'm actualy pretty excited about this guy) and Emerson. By the way, Emerson is far from his best game but we all saw the team playing better while he was on the field. Also, it is important to remember that it was another game without being scored against. Second, it was nice to see the yonger players making the diference. Andre and Ganso showed that they know the game and that thay can be a important asset for out team. Third, I was pleased with our fans. They were there and did what they had to do to support and motivate the group. Vila belmiro needs to be, again, what it is knonw for. The visitor team must fear us in our own stadium again.

Tomorrow we play Corinthians. We have a good chance to win this one as well if we present a better game than the one presented Sunday. The numbers can prove that. My brother will be at Pacaembu Stadium representing the Casado Family. VAI PRA CIMA DELES, SANTOS!!!!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pre-Match Report: Santos x Fluminese

Tomorrow at the Vila Belmiro Santos face Fluminese. Santos are in 10th position with 29 points, while Fluminese are rooted to the bottom of the able on 16 points. 

The referee is Evandro Rogério Roman with his assistants being Roberto Braatz and Altemir Hausmann.


Santos’ last game was an exciting 3x3 at home to Internacional.  Luxemburgo is looking to go more offensive and it showed in the scoreline. However, the numerous defensive lapses is also indicated. If a balance can be found this new look Santos can be deadly.

Fluminese's last game was a 0x0 draw with Gremio Barueri. They have been the Atlas of the league this season, having been well acquainted with the bottom of the table for sometime. 

In the Brasileirão, the teams have faced each other 36 times. Santos’ record is 11 wins, 8 draws and 17 losses. 

Team News

Kleber Pereira, Rodrigo Mancha, and Fabão are suspended for the game. Maikon Leite and Fabio Costa  are unavailable as a result of injury. Alan Bahia has been called up from the base to replace Mancha in the squad, while Tiago Luis comes in for Kleber Pereira. New signing; Jean, is still absent.  Pará  returns from suspension.

The squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe, Douglas 

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá 

Laterais: Para, Léo, George Lucas, Triguinho 

Volantes: Germano, Alan Bahia, Rodrigo Souto, Emerson

Meias: Robson, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima 

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Neymar, André, Tiago Luis 


A must win game against a very poor side. 

Predicted lineup

Lucas--Domingos--Eli Sabiá--Para
Robson--Souto--Germano--P.H. Lima

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jean has been presented as a Santos player

Jean's presentation was today and he expressed his hope to score many goals for the club. When asked about his tag as a player who never scores he had this to say - and I paraphrase:

"This thing that i don't like to score goals doesn't exist. Everyone likes goals. It is my character to seek spaces on the field and move towards the center forward position. If I didn't score goals , how would I survive as a forward?"

Jean was the top scorer for Al-Sharjah back in the UAE. He joined the club in the 2nd round of the championships and scored 6 goals in 12 games. He continued:

" I scored the goal that saved the team from relegation in the last round. They even wanted me to stay there but the possibility of a big club in Brazil, such as Santos, and to work with Luxemburgo was more enticing."

Right now Jean is waiting for his registration to be transfered from the UAE to the CBF. This had been delayed since this is the month of Ramadan and Muslims work only at night. 

The expectation is that the transfer will be completed on Friday so he will be available to face Fluminese on Sunday.

Nome: Jean Carlos da Silva Ferreira 

Data e local de nascimento: 03/03/1982, em São Gonçalo (RJ) 
Altura: 1,75m

Peso: 65kg 
Clubes: Al-Sharjah-Emirados Árabes; Corinthians; Vasco; Saturn-RUS; Cruzeiro; Flamengo e Fluminense

Títulos: Taça Guanabara 2004 (Flamengo); Campeonato Carioca 2004 (Flamengo)

Full story from

Post Match Thoughts: Santos 3x3 Internacional

The Match

Well Luxa said he was going to attack and attack he did. The major changes were Robson on the right side of midfield for German, and Leo for Para at left back. This was Leo's 300th game for Santos. Congratulations and thank you for your service to the club. 

The team came out attacking and managed to get a two goal lead earlier into the first half. Madson pounced onto an idle back header to make it one nil. Shortly after K. Pereira doubled the score with some great work to dummy his defender and a thunderous finish into the back of the net. Madson had a chance to make it 3x0 but his chip landed on top of the net. Everything looked rosy, Inter were being dominated and we were into a 2x0 lead. 

Then Inter pulled them selves back into the game.

Slowly they began asserting themselves and exposing our weak defense.  The first goal started down the right when an ill advised tackle let Taison free down the wing. The low cross was harmless enough, but some laziness from Sabia and Leo allowed Alecsandro to tap it in from close range.

Inter equalized from a free kick where Alecandro escaped from his marker to nod in from close range. Some of the blame must go to Felipe though. He should have come to claim the cross.

Thus halftime came and the game was tied at 2x2. 

Right after the restart we came close to scoring though two close long range efforts by Ganso. Then K. Pereira had a header saved. A superb cross from Leo provided the opportunity. Inter were again on the ropes as we came at them but it from the next goal it seems the team got caught up in attacking.

Leo was bringing the ball out from the bak where he lost in. I counted FIVE players in a line running back to defend. That was comical. The teams was out of position too much and that has been a consistent problem.

Eventually the ball made it's way to a wide open Alecsandro who curled the ball into the back of the net. Seeing the goal in real time one would have thought that it was George Lucas' fault when he left Alecsandro to cover Andrezinho. On close inspection, Lucas' movement would have left Alecsandro offside if it weren't for Eli Sabia who didn't step up to play the offside trap.

The score was now 2x3 but we kept on pressing. The tying goal came soon after.

George Lucas received the ball on the right wing and crossed the ball exquisitely onto the head of K. Pereira who nodded it home. He gave Lauro no chance. That made the score 3x3.

The game was still a lively affair as both teams searched for the winner. Then a penalty area scrap during a Santos free kick caused the referee to send off K. Pereira and Sorondo. This caused the game to slow somewhat, as neither team wanted to leave space at the back when only 10 men on the field. 

Before full time Danilo of Inter received a second yellow card for time wasting. Inter were down to 9 men and we smelled blood. 

The team led a final charge against Inter who packed it in. After four minutes of added time the ref blew the whistle to end a throughly entertaining match.


The teams new attacking mentality was a breath of fresh air, but the defensive recklessness that can with it was worrying. In addition  to players being caught out of position too much, our defense doesn't seem to be strong enough to support an all out attack mode. Eli Sabia who looks decent when the team plays defensive showed himself to be a dud today. Luxa needs to invest into a new center back. Souto and Mancha also moved up too much and forgot to protect the defense at times. 

If Luxa can teach the team how to balance this new attacking mentality with their defensive duties this could be a great thing to continue. 

George Lucas is without doubt one of the best players on the team already. His crossing and set pieces are something to behold. 

Looking Forward

The next game is at home to Fluminese. K. Pereira is suspended, so this may be the debut of Jean. He said today, "Adoro marcar gols", let's hope that bodes well. Para is back from suspension and  - I am sad to say - should replace Leo. I think he showed his age against Inter. 

Emerson may be available and would be an interesting starter combined with this attacking mentality. He could be the wall in front of the defense while Souto provides support going forward.

Fluminese are at the bottom of the table and this should be a comfortable win.

Other news

Reports say that Roberto Carlos wants to come to Santos after his contract with Fenerbache is finished. He says it was  his father's dream for him to play for Santos.

He would be an excellent signing IMO.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-Match Report: Santos x Internacional


Tonight at the Vila Belmiro Santos face Internacional. Santos are in 11th position with 28 points, 5 less than their opponents - who are fifth. 

The referee is Luiz Antônio dos Santos with his assistants being Marco Aurélio dos Santos Pessanha and Wagner de Almeida do Santos.


Santos’ last game was a 2x1 loss away to Goiás.  Internacional’s last game a 2x1 loss away to Palmeiras. 

Both teams will eager to win this decisive game as there is an opportunity to move up the table since they have games in hand.

In the Brasileirão, the teams have faced each other 39 times. Santos’ record is 16 wins, 8 draws and 15 losses. However, in games played at the Vila Belmiro Santos holds a commanding 9-0-0 record. 

Team News

Luxa is planning to go more offensive for this match by replacing Germano with Robson on the right wing. Léo returns to the squad and he is expected to start. This will be his 300th game for the club. 

Maikon Leite and Fabio Costa  are unavailable as a result of injury. New signing; Jean, is still absent.  Pará  is suspended after picking up a third yellow card against Goiás.

The squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe, Douglas 

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá, Fabão 

Laterais: Luizinho, Léo, George Lucas, Triguinho 

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto, Emerson

Meias: Robson, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima 

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Kleber Pereira, Neymar, André 

Post Match Thoughts: Goiás 2x1 Santos

This wasn't an unexpected defeat since Goiás have been playing well. The two goals were down to preventable defensive mistakes. Felipe was blameless for both IMO. K. Pereira managed to score a soft goal to pull one back, but in the end we couldn't get another.

Inter is up next in a vital clash at home. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pre-Match Report: Goiás x Santos


This Sunday in Goiânia at the Estádio Serra Dourada, Santos will face Goiás in the 21th round of the Brasileirão. Santos are in 11th position with 28 points, 7 less than their opponents - who are third - but with a game less played. 

The referee is Heber Roberto Lopes with his assistants being Gilson Bento Couitinho and Márcia Bezerra Lopes Caetano.


Santos’ last game was a 1x0 draw against Grêmio at home.  In a fairly tentative O Peixe came out on top thanks to a great headed goal by Paulo Henrique Lima. Goiás’ last game was a 2x0 away loss to Náutico. Goiás’ has overachieved so far in the Brasileirão, and one has to think that they will start dipping in form sometime. 

Another factor in this game could be preparation time. Santos played a day earlier than Goiás’ midweek, thus the players would be have more time to recuperate. Also Goiás’ home record is not spectacular having won only 50% of their home games.

In the Brasileirão, the teams have faced each other 35 times. Santos’ record is 8 wins, 15 draws and 14 losses. The last match between the two was at the Vila Belmiro and ended in an exciting 3x3 draw. 

Team News

Maikon Leite and Fabio Costa  are unavailable as a result of injury. Emerson is a surprise call up to the squad as it is thought that his rehabilitation isn‘t complete. André has been called up from the base to replace Tiago Luis in the squad. New signing; Jean, is absent.

According to the official Santos website the squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe, Douglas 

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá, Fabão 

Laterais: Luizinho, Pará, George Lucas, Triguinho 

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto, Emerson

Meias: Robson, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima 

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Kleber Pereira, Neymar, André 

Jean is now a Santos player

He official signed a contract today but he hasn't been presented yet. Can he solve our striker problem? Who knows. Right now I'll take anyone over K.P.

Jean is 27 years old and formerly played with Flamengo, Fluminese, Corinthians, and Cruzeiro. Before he signed for Santos he rescinded his contract with Al-Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates.

His contract currently lasts until December but there is an option for a two year extension.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Post-Match Report: Santos 1x0 Grêmio

What a game! What a result! I can't provide a comprehensive report on the game since my internet stream was bad, but I saw Ganso's goal and that's all that mattered. A beautiful cross from George Lucas (guided by the force) and Ganso rose to head it firmly into the back of the net.

From what I saw the team played well overall. The game was tight and both teams were tentative, unlike in the match we had against Cruzeiro. 

We are moving from strength to strength. The defense is looking solid, and the attack -while not always flowing- is looking good.

I have to applaud the signing of George Lucas by Luxa. He is a terrific player and solves all our problems on the right side of defense. Personally I think he and Triguinho make a good partnership.  

I am a bit concerned with the fact that Madson and to an extent Neymar seem to have lost form since Luxa's appointment. In Madson's case I think it has to do with how Luxa is playing him, I'm not sure about Neymar though. Hopefully this is temporary.

Next up is Goias at home. They have played above expectations so far but this is a statement game for us. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre-Match Report: Santos x Grêmio


Today Santos will face Grêmio at home in the 20th round of the Brasileirão. Santos are in 12th position with 25 points, 3 less than their opponents but with a game less played. 

The referee is André Luiz de Freitas Castro with his assistants being Christian Passos Sorence and João Patrício de Araújo. They are all from Goiás. 


Santos’ last game was a 0x0 draw against Cruzeiro away. Both goalkeepers shone in a thoroughly entertaining affair. Squandered chances also contributed to the scoreless game. The game was promising as Luxemburgo’s finally seems to have the team playing well both in attack and defense. Grêmio’s  last game was a 4x1 demolition of  Flamengo at home. Grêmio has been inconsistent as of late, but such a convincing win will have them on a high going into this game.

In the Brasileirão, the teams have faced each other 40 times. Santos’ record is 17 wins, 10 draws and 13 losses. The last match between the two was at the Estádio Olímpico Monumental in Porto Alegre and  ended in a 1x1 draw. 

Team News

Adailton, Léo, and Maikon Leite are still unavailable as a result of injury. Emerson is still undergoing rehabilitation. Fabio Costa is out for the season and seasoned veteran; Sergio, has been bought to replace him.

According to the official Santos website the 20 man squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe (goleiro), Douglas (goleiro)

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá, Fabão 

Laterais: Luizinho, Pará, George Lucas, Triguinho 

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto, 

Meias: Robson, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima 

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Kleber Pereira, Neymar, Tiago Luis 

Monday, August 17, 2009

UNBELIEVABLE: Santos signs old goalkeeper Sergio

Friends, it must be some kind of joke or something. I just read that Santos signed SERGIO, the classic Palmeiras goalkeeper from the 90s! Yes, 90s! I did not even remember this guy still existed. Apparently he was playing on showboll (a soccer veterans championship). This was probably Luxa's idea. He is starting to remind me why I got pissed off at him so many times in the past. You can read about the case in Portuguese here.

Post-Match Report: Cruzeiro x Santos

Yesterday Santos played to a scoreless draw away against Cruzeiro in a thoroughly entertaining game. The end to end action saw chances a plenty for both teams. However, due to some exceptional goalkeeping - and some poor finishing - the game ended scoreless.

Luxa started with this lineup for the 1st half

Germano--Souto--Mancha--P.H. Lima
K. Pereira--Madson

From the outset the obvious problem was Madson’s playing centrally. He came up against Fabinho who I was looking to “eat” Madson at any moment, such was the size difference. Madson was generally taken out of most attacks unless he drifted wide. Germano had an average game out wide, but Lucas was superb in his debut. Pará- was often the goat and many of Cruzeiro’s attacks came down the left side. Santos were defending for most of the 1st half, but the performance of Mancha, Souto and Fabão took care of most of the attacks. Fabão did an admirable job in man marking Kleber. Whatever they missed Felipe took care of. The attacking outlet was either the middle or through P.H. Lima or Lucas on the wings. Santos’ best chance of the half was a cross from Lucas to Souto who headed wide from 4 yards.

In the second half Madson moved out wide and P.H. Lima became the second striker. Gaso was better able to deal with Fabinho’s physicality and we had more success in the middle of the field. Notable Madson and Gaso - as well as Germano and Mancha - were switching positions throughout the game which opened a lot of space for players running through.

The game was now being played at a frantic pace and Cruzeiro were taking advantage of Pará’s defensive liabilities to attack mostly down the left. Kleber became more involved as he drifted wide to help augment Cruzeiro’s play. This is where Felipe can into his own. Time after time he stumped the Cruzeiro attack with superhuman saves which showed why Luxa put his faith in him. Two great chances for Madson and K. Pereira were saved by the equally impressive Fabio. Then came the chance of the game. A defense cutting pass from P.H. Lima found K. Pereira free of his defenders on the edge of the box. Instead of shooting himself he decided to pass to Madson who duly buried the ball in the back of the net. The only problem was that he was offside. Amateur decision making from Pereira.

Later in the game Neymar came in for Madson, Robson came on for Germano, and Triguinho replaced Lucas. The three subs didn’t manage to affect the game. Triguinho gave away a foolish free kick in extra time which thankfully didn’t end in a goal.

Overall a good performance away from home which bodes well for the next match.

Player Ratings (out of 10)

First XI

Felipe - 9: An exceptional performance from the new number 1. Pulled off a number of fantastic saves to keep Santos in the game. My Man of the Match.

George Lucas - 8: A great debut from the new right back. His positioning was crucial to stopping a number of attacks down the right side, and his tackling was something to behold. Provided a beautiful cross for Souto in the first half. He was marked down for getting a silly yellow card. He was visibly tired at the match wore on and was replaced by Triguinho for the last 10 minutes.

Fabão - 7: An unusually good performance. Broke up a number of dangerous attacks in the middle of the defense and marked Kleber out of a good portion of the game.

Eli Sabiá - 6: Went about his business without much fuss. A solid performance.

Pará -5: Most of Cruzeiro’s attacks come down the left due to his terribly positioning. He made a few good recoveries but overall it was a disappointing display.

Germano - 6: Continued with his habit of losing the ball, and was quite ineffectual out on the right hand side of midfield in the first half when attacking. He was more comfortable when defending, as he -along with George Lucas - neutralized most of the attacks down the right side. In the second half he occasionally switched places with Rodrigo Mancha. He was subbed for Robson late in the second half.

Rodrigo Souto - 6.5: He had a solid performance in the middle of the park. Broke up attacks and was tidy in his passing. One of those “invisible” performances that marks a good game for a volante. He did miss an easy header from about 4 yards out. He also got a stupid yellow card.

Rodrigo Mancha - 7: See above (minus the missed header and the yellow card).

P.H. Lima- 7: At times struggled to get into the match, but made good runs. He showed flashes of creativity both on the wing in the first half and as a second striker in the second.

Madson - 6: Not up to his usual standards, struggled in the first half as a second striker. Had a better game in the second half as he played on the wings. He would have scored if not for an excellent save from Fabio. He was replaced by Neymar for the last 15 minutes.

Kleber Pereira - 3.5: An absolutely awful game. Continues to mystify me of his selection for each game. Continually lost the ball, his finishing was poor, and he stifled the attack anytime he dropped back into midfield. Not to mention his passing to ball to an offside Madson instead of shooting at goal when he had a clear chance.


Neymar - 5: Did not get into the match for the 15 minutes he was on for.

Robson - 5: Plugged the hole left by Germano. He did nothing special.

Triguinho - 4.5: He did fine until he gave away stupid free kick in the last minute and earned himself a yellow card.

Next up for Santos is Gremio - who demolished Flamengo - at home. The attack is staring to flow and the defense is improving. There is now reason this game cannot produce a favorable result.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pre-Match Report: Cruzeiro x Santos


Tomorrow Santos will face Cruzeiro away from home 19th round of the Brasileirão. This is the crucial halfway point of the season.

The referee is Marcelo de Lima Henrique, with his assistants being Vagner de Almeida Santos and Jackson L. Massara do Santos. They are all from Rio de Janeiro.


Santos’ last game was a disappointing draw against Avaí at home, where they threw away a two goal lead. This inconsistently has plagued Santos all season and hopefully they move away from it. Santos lies in 12th place on 24 points, safely nestled in the Copa Sudamericana spots but far from the targeted spots for the Copa Libertadores. Cruzeiro’s last game was a 3x1 win away to Coritiba. The Belo Horizonte club are a shadow of their former selves earlier in the Brasileirão. After a run of poor form they lie in 14th place on 20 points.

This match seems to be a throw up. Cruzeiro aren’t notoriously good at home. Their record stands at 4 wins, 1 draw, and 4 losses. Santos’ away record stands at 3 for each category. Whoever seizes the initiative in this match will instill the confidence to win.

When asked for his take on the game, Coach Vanderlei luxemburgo had the following to say.

“In previous rounds we had good results away from home but we know that Cruzeiro is a big team with a quality squad. This will be a complicated game, but we confident of getting a result.”

Team News

Robson is returns from suspension for the game, and Triguinho has returned from injury. New signing; George Lucas, is now available for selection and has been called up to the squad. Another new signing - Emerson - is not ready for selection as he continues to regain his full fitness. Fabio Costa, Adailton, and Maikon Leite are still unavailable as a result of injury.

According to the official Santos website the 20 man squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe (goleiro), Douglas (goleiro)

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá, Fabão

Laterais: Léo, Triguinho, Pará, George Lucas

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto,

Meias: Robson, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Kleber Pereira, Neymar, Tiago Luis

On another note

If Rodrigo Souto plays tomorrow the game will be his 150th for this illustrious club. Congratulations to a loyal servant of Santos Futebol Club. A proper post will be made later on the fully commemorate this achievement.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reinforcements on the way?

Reports say that Santos are looking to sign two players. One is the centerback Alvaro (formerly of Internacional) and the other is striker Jean, who is currently looking to rescind his contract with Al-Sharjah of the United Emirates. Alvaro is 31 years old while Jean is 27. The signing of Jean may be made easier due to the fact that both he and Madson have the same agent.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pele Does Not Agree with Luxemburgo and Says it is Too Early for Santos to Give Up The Next Libertadores

After the draw with Avai-SC last Saturday at Vila belmiro, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo showed some disencouragement towards the team. He said he finds very hard Santos to qualify for the Libertadores 2010. Luxa's opinion was not seen with good eyes by the King of Soccer. Pele has a good relationship with Luxa but still cannot understand the motives that made the coach say that.

In the King's opinion, it is too early to give up. Santos is in 12th place in the competition, with 24 points. The 4th place is Internacional, with 30 points. There are still 20 games left. Pele believes that this is enough to the team to show improviment.

" I do not believe that Luxemburgo is a quitter. He is just not like that. Getting a draw out of a home game is normal. It happens. It is too early to assume that things are already defined" said Pele in his interview for the newspaper "A Tribuna".

For the portuguese version, click here.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A woman among men?

This is a very interesting blog posted on Could Marta play for the men's team?

I don't know how plausible it is but I wouldn't mind. We need all the help we can get.

From Vila Belmiro with deception

Saturday evening I was ate Vila Belmiro. The weather was great, the satdium was crowded and I was sit on one of the best places.
When the game began Santos showed that his purposes was to win at any cost. And with almost 10 minutes of game Madson scores, Vila Belmiro explodes. Avaí is one of the best teams on our championship. A little team from a city with no tradition in soccer, they came from the lower divisions of brazilian soccer and are impressing everyone with fast passes and a solid defense.
Even ahead on the score, Santos was still playing on equal conditions with Avaí, letting tem get too close to our goal.
On the beggining of the second half Santos was still fighting to achieve another goal, and it came with six minutes. Like someone rising from the dead Kleber Pereira scored for a great celebration. What I saw was amazing. Even after everybody's celebration of the goal, the crowd kept claping hands for Kleber Pereira.
But then Avaí scored and scored again. A draw on the score and sadness all around. We still had 20 minutes of game at least. But we saw a repeated chapter of a desperate team, a kid that just fall on the ground, a number 9 losing dozens of goals and an imature goalkeeper.
And the sensation that the draw felt like a deception.

Santos 2X2 Avai-SC

Santista Nation,
I confess that I did not even want to write on the game. The score was a great disappointment. It was painful because before the game we all had that feeling that the team was going to get to the upper side of the chart. Sure we know our team’s limitations but we came from two straight winnings on the road and things were looks a little better. The heart breaking part of this game is that it happened in our home field and we were winning by 2X0. We could almost feel the 3 points already but then something happened and we only got 1.
We all knew that, with this group of players, to qualify to the next Libertadores was going to be a hard achievement. Even our coach is open about it now.
I thought the team was not so bad. They created many opportunities to score but the problem was that we have Kleber Pereira as our striker. He scored 1 goal out of 20 concrete opportunities he had. That is not enough at all to be a sticker for Santos. One of the things that were said after the game is that the fans were not supporting the team. But what needs to be said is that the fans were supporting and even happy with KP but after so many bad finalizations of our player it is hard to keep supporting with the same intensity. That guy must go now! It seems that he is always drunk and no one can stand so many of his mistakes any longer. I see why Luxemburgo does not want to play Neymar from the beginning so he can be speared from the critics and pressure but Luxa cannot take Ganso out to put Neymar in the game. That’s a crime! KP should be the one giving the place to Neymar. With Ganso and Neymar together on the field, anything can happen. The chances of one starting a play and the other one successfully finalizing is extremely high.
The first half of the championship is almost over and we need to act fast. Emerson and George Lucas need to get into this team quick so they can feel comfortable playing with their team players and start to bring their contribution to the field. In addition, even though Fabio Costa is a crack head he is still the best goalkeeper we have (this was very hard and sad for me to write…) at the moment so we need him back now. Our team has a lot of space for improvement but I am an optimistic and believe that we can still get at least a place in the next Libertadores. We are not that far from it.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fabiano Eller Breaks his Contract with Santos and Is Free to Negociate with Another Team

Fabiano Eller breached his contract with Santos. The team payed for the two months they onwed the player and ended the contract that was supposed to be done in December. Now, he is free to negociate with other teams. Fluminense, Flamengo and Internacional might be interested in the player, but, Eller says there is no official offers.

The relationship between Santos and Eller started to go bad when Santos offered him to Sao Paulo and to Gremio. On that ocasion, the team wanted to get rid of the player because of his high salary, which was one of the highest on the whole team. Since none of the transactions went through, Santos tried to cut Eller's salaries by half but he did not accepted it.

In July, one day before the game agaist Sport, the defender asked not to play so he would not reach thet number of games that would make impossible for him to be transfered to another team in this year's competition.

This attitude was all that Santos' general managers needed. That was the excuse that was missing to determine the breach of contract. Not even the arrivel of the new coach, Luxemburgo, who wanted to play the defender, made the managers change thier minds.

For the Portuguese version, click here

Pre-Match Report: Santos x Avaí-SC


Today Santos will face Avaí at the Vila Belmiro in the 18th round of the Brasileirão.

The referees are Wallace Nascimento Valente, Antônio Carlos de Oliveira, and Adailson Alves Pereira.

History and Form

In the Brasileirão Santos have faced Avaí only two times. Santos has one win and the other game was a draw. Santos’ last game was a 1x0 win against Coritiba. In Avaí’s last game they beat Santo André 1x0.

Team News

Fabio Costa, Adailton, Triguinho and Maikon Leite are still unavailable as a result of injury. Luizinho and Germano return from suspension while Robson is suspended for the game.

According to the official Santos website the 20 man squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Felipe (goleiro), Douglas (goleiro)

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Domingos, Eli Sabiá, Fabão

Laterais: Léo, Luizinho, Pará, Wagner Diniz

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto,

Meias: Alan Patrick, Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Kleber Pereira, Neymar, Tiago Luis

Santos are currently in 12th place in the table on 23 points, three points behind Avaí who are 6th but have played one game more.

Luxa’s record is three wins out of four games. Let’s make this four out of five.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Luxa Might Keep the Same Winner Team from Last Match

Santos had its last practice before tomorrow's game agaist Avai at the Vila Belmiro. Coach Luxemburgo did not push the players too much but they did play some ball under the rain. Some players even played some "foot-volley".

Luxa decided to spare his atletes for tomorrow since the they were still in need of rest because of the problems they faced with the two hour late flight last Thursday night.

That was the main reason why the players were spared during practice. By doing so, Luxa might be keeping the same players that won Coritiba last Wednesday in Cascavel. The only doubt is who will be playing in in the midle field position together with Ganso and Madson. The options are: Rodrigo Mancha and Germano, who is coming back from suspencion.

"Who decides who plays is Wanderley. But I think that the starters agaisnt Coxa did a good job. We were able to get the three points and we hope coach keeps the same player together. But whoever goes in to the field tomorrow will do whatever it takes to win those three points", said Madson.

Triguinho was the only "new" player in practice this Friday. He has been recovering from a surgery in his right foot.

For the Portuguese version click here

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 more points

One more victory, thanks to Paulo "the goose" Henrique, Coritiba 0 x 1 Santos.
I didn´t see the game, I just followed on the internet. But it seemed that Santos searched for the goal the whole game. Hope we go to the third following victory next saturday at our home, against Avaí.

Pre-Match Report: Náutico x Santos


Tonight Santos will face Coritiba at the Cascavel in the 17th round of the Brasileirão.

History and Form

In the Brasileirão Santos have faced Coritiba 24 times. Santos’ record is 14 wins, 3 draws, and 7 losses. Santos’ last game was a heart stopping 2x1 last minute win against Náutico. Coritiba’s was away to Atlético Mineiro where they lost 3x2 in a tight game.

Team News

Fabio Costa, Adailton, Triguinho and Maikon Leite are still unavailable as a result of injury. Roberto Brum is now available after being suspended. New signings George Lucas and Emerson are not a part of the squad. Reports have said that Neymar will not be starting even after his great performance against Nautico. His role seems to be that of an impact player.

No squad list was available.

Santos are currently in 12th place in the table on 20 points, four points ahead of Náutico.

I won't be able to see the match since I have to study for finals tomorrow. Let's hope that Luxa pulls this one out. I hope his using Neymar as an impact player doesn't backfire.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Santos at Foz do Iguaçu

A lot of suppoerters of our beloved team appeard on Santos´ training to give support and courage for tomorrow´s game. Luxemburgo is keeping Neymar as an option for the second half (the way he has being doing on the last games) and will keep Domingos outside the team. Rodrigo Mancha will be playing for the first time against his former team, Coritiba, and will not celebrate if he scores a goal (in my opinion a ridiculous attitude, because now the name of your boss is Santos, kid).

Monday, August 3, 2009

On the quest

Still on the running for Fernandão. I guess that it will be hard, but, on the same tide, I hope that I´m wrong.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Queen is Ours!

After winning the world with The King, Pelé, Santos is bringing Martha, the greatest player in the world according to Fifa for three years in a row. More information soon.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A week to rest

Santos will not be playing this weekend. The next match would be against Internacional, but they will play outside Brazil (a tournament or something like that).
So our next match will be against Coritiba, next Wedsneday, at the city of Cascavel (Coritiba was punished with the loss of one game at their home, due to the problems with their supporters).
Until there, Luxemburgo will have an essential time to organize the team, test our new players and give his identity to the tatics.
Other players, (like Kleber Pereira just to give an example) will have an extra chance of training and get a better physical condition.

Emerson is now officially a player of Santos

Today Emerson was presented with the number 5 shirt, which once belonged to two legends of Santos; Clodaoaldo and Zito. He signed a contract until December but there is an agreement for a renewal if Santos qualify for the Copa Libertadores.

Luxemburgo said that he will serve as an example for the younger players.

Emerson has played for many big European clubs including AS Roma, Real Madrid and AC Milan, Juventus and Bayer Luverkusen. He hasn't played since last December and has stated that he needs two weeks to reach full fitness. The aim is to have him debut against Gremio on August 19th at the Vila Belmiro. It could be emotional for him, as Gremio was the first club he played for.

Welcome to Santos Emerson.

George Lucas on Santos

No, we are not talking about the famous movie director. George Lucas comes to Santos to play on the right side of the defense (a position with poor players). He was revealed on Grêmio and played 4 seaons on Celta de Vigo, from Spain.
Right now he´s making medical exams and setting the last details of his contract.

The most beautiful goal

50 years ago Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time, made his most beatiful gol of his entire life.
It happened on august 2nd, on the Rua Javari stadium against Juventus.
The final score was Santos 4 x 0 Juventus (the facts are really messed, on Santos official website it says 4x0, but on other reviews it says 4x2, I´ll stay with Santos website). WHen asked about this goal Pelé says that the Juventus supporters were bothering him during all the game, and for them he made a gesture sinalizing "wait just a little".
And when the moment came The King covered three players with the ball, without letting it touch the ground, and completed to the goal with his head.
Unfortunately there´s no filming of this goal. But you can check it right here, with all that animation stuff.

Sorry for my poor English.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Post Match Analysis: Náutico 1x2 Santos

I just finished watching the match. The guys left it late but Rodrigo Souto gives us the win.

The first half was fairly exciting with both teams looking to attack but both lacked the cutting edge. I still can't see what Luxa hopes to accomplish by playing Madson as a second striker. He hasn't played well there. He belongs on the wings.

The second half saw Felipe Azevedo come in for P.H. Lima who looked a bit out of sorts. Later Neymar entered for Robson. With Neymar's entry we became more dangerous instantly.

Madson was moved out wide and he provided the penetration for the first goal. Beating his man on the touchline he crossed the ball to an unmarked Neymar who put away the easy header. For a second striker Neymar shows a good tendency to be at the right place at the right time like a goal poacher.

Nautico were still attacking and our weak defence was exposed time after time but held firm. Then a ball was played over the top to Gilmar who was onside (thanks to a day dreaming Pará). Felipe came and challenged fairly for the ball and took him out. Sadly, the referee saw it as a foul and gave the penalty. Gilmar converted it easily.

Now I was bit worried but we were flowing in attack and I was sure we could get another goal. The opportunity came soon enough. Azevedo played a beautifu ball to Neymar down the wing who beat his marker and then crossed a beautiful onto K. Peireirra's head about a yard from goal.

He missed.

At this point my stream froze. I never dreamed that he would miss it so I was already celebrating. When the video returned, I couldn't beleive it. I will say that the defender was pressurng him but that is no excuse. From that distance such a chance should be buried.

Not to sound like a broken record, but this further cements my belief that K. P. is no longer the guy for us. He is past it IMO. Granted he is returning from injury, but he didn't show that much before his injury.

After that abysmal miss, the minutes ticked away and I was losing hope. As the game entered extra time I was resigned to our gaining only a point. Then in the second minute of time added on, Neymar delivered the perfect corner into the box. Rodrigo Souto rose to firmly head it into the back of the net. Late match heroics from The Bald One. Three points for the good guys.

Without a doubt, Neymar was my Man of the Match.

Three points gained from an away game aside, what did the game show?

1. Neymar math: one goal + one assist + substitute appearance = starter.

2. Para: Should not be our first choice left back.

3. K.P. : Over the hill and long past it.

4. Madson : Belongs on the wings, he can't play effectively in the middle.

5. Heart of the midfield: R. Souto was solid but Germano leaves a lot to be desired. He loses the ball too much and is caught out of position a lot. Emerson will be presented on Friday and hopefully will form a great partnership with Souto.

6. Center of defence: Behaves like headless chickens far too much. A central defensive partnership should be cemented. IMO Domingos and Astorga for the time being.

A win is a win. Luxa has been experimenting with different tactics and formations. He should have an idea of what the starting XI and formation should be. Coritiba away is the next match. Let's do it.

Pre-Match Report: Náutico x Santos


Tonight Santos will face Náutico at the Estádio Eládio de Barros Carvalho in the 15th round of the Brasileirão. After scrappy win a against Atlético Paranaense, Vanderlei Luxemburgo will be looking to notch his second win in as many games.

The referee for the game will be Heber Roberto Lopes with Ivan Carlos Bohn and Altemir Hausmann as his assistants.

History and Form

In the Brasileirão Santos have faced Náutico 28 times. Santos’ record is 7 wins, 4 draws, and 7 losses. Santos’ last game was a heartbreaking loss to Flamengo at home, the first time this has happened in 33 years. Náutico’s last game was away to Sport where both sides split six goals evenly.

Team News

Fabio Costa, Adailton, Triguinho and Maikon Leite are still unavailable as a result of injury. Kleber Pereirra has recovered from injury and returns to the squad. André has been called up from the base after impressing in recent matches. Roberto Brum is suspended for the game.

The 24 man squad for the match is as follows:

Goleiros: Douglas, Felipe, Rafael

Zagueiros: André Astorga, Eli Sabiá, Fabão,

Laterais: Léo, Luizinho, Pará, Wagner Diniz

Volantes: Germano, Rodrigo Mancha, Rodrigo Souto

Meias: Madson, Paulo Henrique Lima, Robson

Atacantes: Felipe Azevedo, Neymar, Tiago Luís, André, Kléber Pereira

Santos are currently in 12th place in the table on 17 points, six points ahead of Náutico who are last.

This is the last placed team, We have to win this!