Monday, August 10, 2009

From Vila Belmiro with deception

Saturday evening I was ate Vila Belmiro. The weather was great, the satdium was crowded and I was sit on one of the best places.
When the game began Santos showed that his purposes was to win at any cost. And with almost 10 minutes of game Madson scores, Vila Belmiro explodes. Avaí is one of the best teams on our championship. A little team from a city with no tradition in soccer, they came from the lower divisions of brazilian soccer and are impressing everyone with fast passes and a solid defense.
Even ahead on the score, Santos was still playing on equal conditions with Avaí, letting tem get too close to our goal.
On the beggining of the second half Santos was still fighting to achieve another goal, and it came with six minutes. Like someone rising from the dead Kleber Pereira scored for a great celebration. What I saw was amazing. Even after everybody's celebration of the goal, the crowd kept claping hands for Kleber Pereira.
But then Avaí scored and scored again. A draw on the score and sadness all around. We still had 20 minutes of game at least. But we saw a repeated chapter of a desperate team, a kid that just fall on the ground, a number 9 losing dozens of goals and an imature goalkeeper.
And the sensation that the draw felt like a deception.


  1. Even though the score sucked, it is cool you were there...

  2. We are all jealous of you, Pepito.