Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 more points

One more victory, thanks to Paulo "the goose" Henrique, Coritiba 0 x 1 Santos.
I didn´t see the game, I just followed on the internet. But it seemed that Santos searched for the goal the whole game. Hope we go to the third following victory next saturday at our home, against Avaí.


  1. Good first half. Second half was ok, but Robson almost fucked it up.

    I still feel like throwing up watching Kleber Pereira with our sacred number 9 shirt. Motherfucker can't pass, can't move, can't do shit.

  2. Good win, we're in good form heading to the mid way point of the season.

    I agree, escoriafc. K.P. should have been let go when he wanted to leave. He is a ghost of th player last year.

  3. Man, I am starting to feel good about our team. But we need a decent stricker for sure. long as we are adding three points per game, I am satisfied! Go Santos!