Monday, August 10, 2009

Santos 2X2 Avai-SC

Santista Nation,
I confess that I did not even want to write on the game. The score was a great disappointment. It was painful because before the game we all had that feeling that the team was going to get to the upper side of the chart. Sure we know our team’s limitations but we came from two straight winnings on the road and things were looks a little better. The heart breaking part of this game is that it happened in our home field and we were winning by 2X0. We could almost feel the 3 points already but then something happened and we only got 1.
We all knew that, with this group of players, to qualify to the next Libertadores was going to be a hard achievement. Even our coach is open about it now.
I thought the team was not so bad. They created many opportunities to score but the problem was that we have Kleber Pereira as our striker. He scored 1 goal out of 20 concrete opportunities he had. That is not enough at all to be a sticker for Santos. One of the things that were said after the game is that the fans were not supporting the team. But what needs to be said is that the fans were supporting and even happy with KP but after so many bad finalizations of our player it is hard to keep supporting with the same intensity. That guy must go now! It seems that he is always drunk and no one can stand so many of his mistakes any longer. I see why Luxemburgo does not want to play Neymar from the beginning so he can be speared from the critics and pressure but Luxa cannot take Ganso out to put Neymar in the game. That’s a crime! KP should be the one giving the place to Neymar. With Ganso and Neymar together on the field, anything can happen. The chances of one starting a play and the other one successfully finalizing is extremely high.
The first half of the championship is almost over and we need to act fast. Emerson and George Lucas need to get into this team quick so they can feel comfortable playing with their team players and start to bring their contribution to the field. In addition, even though Fabio Costa is a crack head he is still the best goalkeeper we have (this was very hard and sad for me to write…) at the moment so we need him back now. Our team has a lot of space for improvement but I am an optimistic and believe that we can still get at least a place in the next Libertadores. We are not that far from it.
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  1. at least we didn´t left these points slip against weaker teams, wich is Santos speciality: bring the dead to life