Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fabiano Eller Breaks his Contract with Santos and Is Free to Negociate with Another Team

Fabiano Eller breached his contract with Santos. The team payed for the two months they onwed the player and ended the contract that was supposed to be done in December. Now, he is free to negociate with other teams. Fluminense, Flamengo and Internacional might be interested in the player, but, Eller says there is no official offers.

The relationship between Santos and Eller started to go bad when Santos offered him to Sao Paulo and to Gremio. On that ocasion, the team wanted to get rid of the player because of his high salary, which was one of the highest on the whole team. Since none of the transactions went through, Santos tried to cut Eller's salaries by half but he did not accepted it.

In July, one day before the game agaist Sport, the defender asked not to play so he would not reach thet number of games that would make impossible for him to be transfered to another team in this year's competition.

This attitude was all that Santos' general managers needed. That was the excuse that was missing to determine the breach of contract. Not even the arrivel of the new coach, Luxemburgo, who wanted to play the defender, made the managers change thier minds.

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  1. I liked him as a defender but his attitude was ridiculous.

  2. I know...he is good but he did not respect the team. he can't play on Santos any longer. He lost the privilege.