Thursday, August 20, 2009

Post-Match Report: Santos 1x0 Grêmio

What a game! What a result! I can't provide a comprehensive report on the game since my internet stream was bad, but I saw Ganso's goal and that's all that mattered. A beautiful cross from George Lucas (guided by the force) and Ganso rose to head it firmly into the back of the net.

From what I saw the team played well overall. The game was tight and both teams were tentative, unlike in the match we had against Cruzeiro. 

We are moving from strength to strength. The defense is looking solid, and the attack -while not always flowing- is looking good.

I have to applaud the signing of George Lucas by Luxa. He is a terrific player and solves all our problems on the right side of defense. Personally I think he and Triguinho make a good partnership.  

I am a bit concerned with the fact that Madson and to an extent Neymar seem to have lost form since Luxa's appointment. In Madson's case I think it has to do with how Luxa is playing him, I'm not sure about Neymar though. Hopefully this is temporary.

Next up is Goias at home. They have played above expectations so far but this is a statement game for us. 

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