Friday, July 31, 2009

The most beautiful goal

50 years ago Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time, made his most beatiful gol of his entire life.
It happened on august 2nd, on the Rua Javari stadium against Juventus.
The final score was Santos 4 x 0 Juventus (the facts are really messed, on Santos official website it says 4x0, but on other reviews it says 4x2, I´ll stay with Santos website). WHen asked about this goal Pelé says that the Juventus supporters were bothering him during all the game, and for them he made a gesture sinalizing "wait just a little".
And when the moment came The King covered three players with the ball, without letting it touch the ground, and completed to the goal with his head.
Unfortunately there´s no filming of this goal. But you can check it right here, with all that animation stuff.

Sorry for my poor English.


  1. Great goal. Some people have said that the recreation is colored by exaggeration in people's description. I don't think so. Pele was that good. Hail O Rei Pele.

  2. If I wasn't Santista, I would say that this video was one of those "George Lucas Films".LOL
    But we know that this play was real because it was done be the best player of all times in the best team of all times. And that, my friend, is reason enough to know it really happend!