Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking Forward to the Futute

Santista Nation,
what an exciting opportunity to write you, on this blog, about one of my favorite things in life, our beloved Santos FC. I hope you guys enjoy my posts as much I will enjoy writing them.
The subject of the week could not be other than the arrival of our new (AGAIN) coach, Mr. Vanderlei Luxemburgo. I understand the point of view of those that were against his arrival. He is expensive, and he will make sure that he gets every penny he can. He is also too political and unfortunately he will campain for a reelection of Marcelo Teixeira at the end of this year. Even though he is not in the best moment of his career, the guy is a winner and no one can say anything different. He's got the guts to deal with our problematic goaley and he knows how to get the best out of the new kids (Neymar and Ganso). Also, I do not remember the last time he was ahead of a team that wasn't at least competitive. In this case, our chances to win the championship or at least get us a place in the next Libertadores da America increases substantially. Another positive thing about Luxa is that he attracts players, at least 70% of the players nowadays would love to work with him (the other 30% want to run him over). It will be great to bring new blood that will make us stronger. Furthermore, Luxemburgo brings the respect our Santos deserve. Bambis, chickens and pigs always crap their shorts when they hear Luxa yelling from the next bench.
I wish the best to our new coach and it is my hope he will write another winning chapter in the history of the greatest team in the World.

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  1. I totally agree with you man. The greatest winner in Santos after Pelé. I had even forgotten there was a championship called Copa do Brasil until this year. I was so used to competing on Libertadores. Hopefully the good old days are back!

  2. Hey Man, congrats for the post! Your are on the right track! Yesterday Neymar made a great goal, nothing different than the greatest players we see nowadays!

    Go get it SANNTOOSSS!!