Saturday, July 25, 2009

HOT NEWS: Roni is out!

Roni, or as some fans liked to call him, WAYNE RONI, is out of Santos FC. Apparently he accepted to play for Fluminense and decided to break his contract with Santos. I think it will be a great opportunity to test Thiago Luís or Felipe Azevedo, in case this is really true. Let's wait and see.

The news was originally published here.


  1. If it's true, he won't be missed!

  2. My prayers have been answered. Goodbye Roni, you won't be missed.

  3. I just heard that Fabiano Eller is also going to Fluminense and will breech the contract he has with Santos on Monday. In my opinion he is a good player but he screwed up when he refused to play against Sport a few games ago. He lost my respect there.