Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BARALHO! - Santos 1 x 0 Atlético-PR

What a boring game, friends. Just the way I love them! Seriously, I don't know if it is something related to growing up as a Santos fan when the team was in its worst days, but melancholic boring games like the one tonight has a romantic vibe that I really enjoy. Don't ask me why.

Jesus, what a horrible first half! The team at least defended well. But there were not many chances to score. Robson was especially bad. It is ridiculous to watch this guy play while Neymar and PH stay on the bench.

In the second half Neymar and Paulo Henrique replaced Robson and Roberto Brum and the team got a bit better. Neymar scored a very nice goal with an important contribution from Roni. Roni is a terrible striker, but I have to say that lately he has been running and contributing to the team much more than Kleber Pereira. His decisive pass to Neymar tonight was very good as you can see in the video above. I would still give a chance to Thiago Luis though.

Germano also played well in the midfield although still committing some stupid mistakes every now and then. Apparently Luxa preferred him over Roberto Brum anyway.

It is still early to see how the team will be that Luxa is running the show. He certainly has a lot of work to do.

I was happy to hear the man screaming the whole game, though. "Baralho" is his favorite cuss word. To be honest, the word is "caralho," which is a pretty bad word in Portuguese. TV commentators pretended he was shouting "baralho" (a deck of cards) and the thing became a popular joke. Sílvio Luís, maybe the best soccer commentator I had the pleasure to hear in my entire life once complained: "could someone please tell Luxemburgo that he is not in a cassino? This is a soccer game, there are no cards around."

But what the hell, the man is angry and he gotta release his energy. As long as Santos wins he can scream baralho, caralho, or whatever works to get the job done.

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