Monday, July 27, 2009

Peixe 1X2 Urubu

Santista Nation,
If you had the unpleasant opportunity to watch yesterday’s game you will agree that we still have a long way to go. The team played the best they could. They shown they were there to win and they did what they could to bring the victory to us. But what we saw was that even their best effort was not enough. Not even to win Flamengo, a team with no coach and no skill. As always, Santos loves to help the ones in need by letting them win. We can say that Adriano had a big part on it. He is a great player but his team is still weak and there is no good reason to let them win after we were winning by 1 to nothing. By the way, Flamengo only scored on goal since the other one was scored by our player Para. There goes our invincibility of over three decades.
We need a good striker bad. We created the opportunities to score but we had no one to finish the plays successfully. Also Felipe did a mistake that cost us the game. Unfortunately, for a moment, I missed Fabio Costa as our goalkeeper. Although he is a nutcase, he wouldn’t make the mistakes that were done. Besides, we need better guys on our defense (Duh!!). We are the second worst defense amongst all the teams.
One weird thing on this game was Brum doing what ever he could to get the third yellow card and he reached his goal after he was already replaced by Robson. Now he won’t play Nautico Wednesday. Luxa was pissed and told the media he will punish the player. It is hard to understand the reason but things will get even uglier to Brum since Emerson is our new team member.
Again, we need fresh blood in our team. The way it is now, even a place in the next Libertadores will be hard to get.

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  1. Emerson old and without one leg > Roberto Brum.

  2. I can't understand why Luxa doesn't play Tiago Luis. If he doesn't think he is good enough why doesn't he buy another target striker. Playing two small guys up front like he did against Flamengo is madness IMO.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you Socratinho. Tiago Luis should have started playing.

    Some fresh news: apparently the argentinian striker Jose Pepe Sand, from Lanus, was offered to Santos and it is only a matter of Luxa accepting the player. So let's see. I don't follow the Argentinian championship so I don't have any idea if the man is good or not. I read good stuff about him though. Let's see.