Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A glimpse of the new tactics

Hello fellow bloggers and Santistas. I am excited to be a part of the team to bring the news for the legendary Santos FC in English. As a relatively new fan, I hope to learn more about the club as this venture continues. Now on to my first post.


Globoesporte are reporting that in his first training session Vanderlei Luxemburgo put Felipe in goal for Douglas. It seems that he has a high opinion of the young keeper.

For the first part of training, Luxemburgo played a 4-5-1. Felipe was in goal with a back four of Luizinho, Domingos, Fabão and Léo. The midfield five consisted of three defensive midfielders, Roberto Brum, Rodrigo Souto and Germano with Madson and Robson playing in front of them. Roni was the lone front man.

In the second part of training, the 4-5-1 became a 4-3-3. The defense remained the same. The midfielder three were Madson, Rodrigo Souto and Germano with Neymar, Roni and Paulo Henrique Lima as the front three.

This seems to be a foreshadowing of Luxa’s new tactics. As a loose rule of thumb tough away games would have a 4-5-1 formation while 4-3-3 would be the preferred formation for home games. To be honest I’m not a big fan of a three volantes. There is no creativity in the heart of the midfield. Neither am I a fan of Roni, he has not shown anything of note so far. However, it is far too early for me to criticize anything. New tactics can only be truly assessed under match conditions.


  1. Yeah, it all depends on how the volantes play. Rodrigo Souto when inspired is a good offensive volante, playing almost as an offensive midfielder. But that is the good old Souto, who might come back with Luxa. Who knows?

    Wayne RONI is terrible. I think it is time to give Thiago Luis more chances. The kid has a promising future.

    I watched an interview with Luxa yesterday and his main complaint is that Santos has not been playing in a compact way. The players are spread randomly over the field, making it fragile. The three volantes I guess is a strategy to make it more compact. But let's see, Luxa is not famous for defensive teams, on the contrary.

  2. Man, I hope I am not being too naive when I say that I trust in what Luxa is doing. He will bring the best of these younger players. And it is not like he is putting Felipe instead of a great goalkeeper.

    Also, the guy has a great vision and he usualy do a prety good job when it comes to tatics and plays.