Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lame Victory? Well...I'll Take it any day!

Santista Nation,

Who cares that the game was one of those hard to whatch with so little emotion. We won 3 more points and that is what we want (together with the losses of the Bambis, Chickens and Pigs, of course)!

We need to know what this "lame victory" can mean for the team. Fisrt, it marked the return of Luxa. The coach got back to work for only 2 days, but we can see his hand making the diference on the field. He put Felipe as the gollie. A bold move that can be seen as a statement that change is coming (GO OBAMA!). And we need a lot of change, by the way. Another interesting play was to leave Neymar and Ganso on the bench. Even though they have not been that consistent, they would be starters on my team every time. Not that we have many other opitions anyway. But it is good to show the youngsters that to play on our team you have to do more and bring more results. As Luxemburgo said in his post game interview, a great portion of this win came from the touch of Mancini. Would we have win last night's game if Mancini was still the coach? We'll never know the answer for that question. What I know is that this win is a boost to ours team's confidence.

Also, our goal came from the foot of Neymar. The beautiful play proved, one more time, that Neymar is the kind of player that can change the history of the game in a few seconds. He's got the vision and that will only improve under Luxa's wings.

But, besides the victory, the most important thing that happened last night was not what really happened but what did not happend: the other team's goal. Of corse we were playing against a team that did not give our goalkeeper much work to do but it was nice to go through a game without been scored. Hopefully, we will see (or not) that repeat many times on this championship.

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  1. Now we gotta destroy Flamengo. We have destroyed these guys on a regular basis this millennium. It can't be different.

  2. way to go SANTISTAS!!! I had a hard time remembering who SANTOS played against!! but we did our homework fine!!! 4 EVER SANTOS!!!