Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is Hard, but the Libertadores Dream is Still Alive!

Santista Nation,

the game agaist Fluminense wasn't our best performance. We played a weak team that showed why they are in last place in this championship. But a win is always a win and that's what matters. Our goal of being in the next Libertadores Cup is still alive. We are not far at all from the qualifying zone.

Besides the 3 points that we've got, a couple of other things are importante highlight from game. First, Santos has a lot to improve. The first half was ok but the second half was ridiculous! A great portion of our winning came from the quality of our oponent. We'll need to play much better if we want to win our next games.What made the diference was the individual talentes of players such as Ganso, Madson, George Lucas ( I'm actualy pretty excited about this guy) and Emerson. By the way, Emerson is far from his best game but we all saw the team playing better while he was on the field. Also, it is important to remember that it was another game without being scored against. Second, it was nice to see the yonger players making the diference. Andre and Ganso showed that they know the game and that thay can be a important asset for out team. Third, I was pleased with our fans. They were there and did what they had to do to support and motivate the group. Vila belmiro needs to be, again, what it is knonw for. The visitor team must fear us in our own stadium again.

Tomorrow we play Corinthians. We have a good chance to win this one as well if we present a better game than the one presented Sunday. The numbers can prove that. My brother will be at Pacaembu Stadium representing the Casado Family. VAI PRA CIMA DELES, SANTOS!!!!

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  1. HAHA, the Casado family will bring us some good luck, I'm sure! And I also think we can make it. There's still a long way until the end and a lot will change.